We offer a line of products called AlphaVM. AlphaVM is a virtual machine that:

  • emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system includuing the peripherals,
  • is targeted to replace ageing Alpha systems,
  • runs on a modern computer system with Linux or Windows,
  • runs OpenVMS or Tru64/Digital UNIX

Why migrate to AlphaVM? Simply because it lowers your risks and reduces the ownership costs.

  • The chance that the new hardware fails is lower.
  • The maintenance of new hardware is cheaper than of the old hardware.
  • The energy bill is lower with the new hardware.
  • The new hardware takes less space in your room. AlphaVM runs even on a laptop.
  • The migration to AlphaVM does not require any changes in your software; the migration risks are low.
  • The virtual machine is more flexible than your old physical machine: it is easier to backup, clone, or experiment with your configuration.

See the benchmark page for the details about AlphaVM performance.

AlphaVM 1.4.6 is available for the field test. AlphaVM-Free can be downloaded here.

AlphaVM-Pro is capable of releasing the host CPU when the guest operating system is idle. This feature enables saving energy when your Alpha workload is low.

AlphaVM configuration supports loadable PCI cards. You can load as many PCI cards as there are PCI slots available in the emulated system.