AlphaVM product family

AlphaVM is a virtual machine that:

AlphaVM product familiy consists of two products: AlphaVM-Pro and AlphaVM-Free.

AlphaVM-Pro, the professional version, is meant to replace Alpha servers working in data centers or industrial settings. It has high performance and reliability characteristics. It's performance is on the level of the real Alpha systems. AlphaVM-Pro is capable of replacing machines of DS10, DS20, ES40, DS25, ES45 class of Alpha systems. More information about the product is available here.

AlphaVM-Free is a product for non-commercial users. It is designed for hobbyists and for evaluation. You may install and use it for free for non-commerical purposes. AlphaVM-Free is limited in supported features and performance with respect to AlphaVM-Pro. AlphaVM-Free has much lower performance. AlphaVM-Free can be downloaded at our download page free of charge. More information about the product is available here.

Additionally, we offer tailoring of the product to the customer needs. The product can be tailored to your needs in the following directions:

These customer-tailored solution costs are separately negotiated. Please contact us if you are interested.