Tru64 UNIX

Tru64 UNIX is an operating system designed and developed by Digital Equipment Corporation to run on their Alpha AXP hardware. The system was introduced in 1992 for the DEC MIPS stations and DEC Alpha AXP systems. The original desige was based on Open System Foundation (OSF). The OS was originally called OSF/1 AXP. In 1995 it was renamed to Digital UNIX and in 1998 Tru64. The last maintenance release was released in 2010. Support continued until 2012.

Our product AlphaVM-Pro is an Alpha hardware emulator that allows to create a virtual AlphaServer system. It is designed to run Tru64. Tru64 runs on the virtual system in the same way as it runs on the real hardware. AlphaVM emulates a specific type of Alpha system, specified in the configuration file. Tru64 therefore “thinks” it runs on the real system of the specified type. It allows to run the layered product software and the application software unchanged.

Often it is asked whether AlphaVM emulates Tru64. It is not true, AlphaVM emulates hardware, where Tru64 runs. It may look like Tru64 runs directly on x86-64 hardware. However, there is an intermediate emulation layer implemented by AlphaVM running on Windows or Linux.

2 thoughts on “Tru64 UNIX

  1. Hi,
    I have contacted you guys in the past but couldn’t setup and test your AlphaVM.
    We have a HP Compaq server that runs Tru64 UNIX V5.1A.
    I want setup your AlphaVM emulator on a Windows 2019 VM that runs on a Hypper-V.
    I need to explore the possibility of running Tru64 UNIX V5.1A in a virtualized environment.
    Could you please provide a trial license for your AlphaVM?
    When I successfully run Tru64 virtually I can persuade the management to purchase the full license.
    Also, do you have the media download for Tru64 UNIX V5.1 version?
    Thank you,

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