The AlphaVM-Basic emulator is a basic version of the AlphaVM product. It is designed for hobbyists. It’s key features are as follows:

  • AlphaVM-Basic emulates an Alpha system with one CPU and up to 1GB RAM.
  • AlphaVM-Basic supports OpenVMS and Tru64/Digital Unix as the guest operating systems. Linux boots as well.
  • The AlphaVM-Basic performance depends on the host system. The CPU performance is on the level of slow EV4 CPU. The CPU performance is much slower than that of AlphaVM-Pro (a factor of 5 to 10).
  • AlphaVM-Basic uses network based license checking. It periodically contacts our licensing web site to check the license validity. If such a dependency on the network is not acceptable, please consider purchasing of AlphaVM-Pro. A single AlphaVM-Basic license allows to run a single AlphaVM-Basic instance at a time. It is possible to have multiple configurations but only one of them can run at a time with a given license.
  • AlphaVM is sold as is, without support. However, we release maintenance releases at our discretion. The customer has access to these builds. If you need support, please consider AlphaVM-Pro.
  • EmuVM does not assist migrations to AlphaVM-Basic. Please consider AlphaVM-Pro if you need the migration.
  • We provide 30 days of free evaluation before you purchase.


Supported host OSWindows Server 2012R2, 2016, 2019.
Windows 8, 10,
Linux Debian 9,10,
CentOS 7,
Supported host CPUIntel Xeon x64
Emulated chipsetsTsunami/Typhoon.
Maximal number of emulated Alpha CPUs1 basic CPU
Emulated CPU typeDepends on the chipset: EV4, EV5, EV6.
Maximal emulated RAM1GB
Number of emulated PCI hoses1-2
Number of emulated PCI slots3-6
Emulated serial line mappingssocket/virtual
Emulated serial line portsCOM1/tty00,COM2/tty01.
Emulated SCSI controllersISP1040,
Disk mappingscontainer files
CDROM mappingsISO image
Tape mappingstape container files
Emulated FibreChannel Not available. In most cases can be migrated to emulated SCSI.
Emulated IDENot available. In most cases can be migrated to emulated SCSI.
Emulated Floppy diskNot available.
Emulated USBNot available.
Ethernet emulationTulip NIC: 21x4x.
Ethernet transfer throughputDepends on the host NIC, usually 1000Mbps
Supported console typesOnly serial, VGA not supported.
Usually the graphics can be redirected to an X server via X Windows.
Supported OpenVMS versionsFrom 7.1-2
Supported Tru64/Digital Unix versionsFrom 4.0e

Getting started

Please register on this site. When you register we will contact you per email.

AlphaVM-Basic is licensed on annual basis.

NamePrice, EURPrice, USD*
AlphaVM-Basic license for the first year400450
AlphaVM-Basic annual license extension200250
* The USD price is given for reference. We will charge in EUR and PayPal will convert it to USD, if required, according to their applicable exchange rate.

The annual extensions must be without gaps.

We can provide a free 30 days evaluation.

The steps to get AlphaVM-Basic evaluation:

  1. Register at We will contact you per email.
  2. Let us know that you want to evaluate AlphaVM-Basic. We will provide access to an AlphaVM-Basic kit for the registered user. We will also provide an AlphaVM evaluation license. The license works by means of connection to our license server.
  3. Download an AlphaVM-Basic kit. The downloads will become available in the download section for the registered user.
  4. Install AlphaVM and create your virtual Alpha configuration.
  5. Configure the AlphaVM license. The license details will be provided per email. Configure the license as follows: host=''; port=19991; user='<provided-per-email>'; password='<provided-per-email>'; The license section should indicate success.