Our company EmuVM makes and sells a software product called AlphaVM. AlphaVM is a virtual machine that

  • emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system including the peripherals,
  • is targeted to replace ageing Alpha systems,
  • runs on a modern computer system with Linux or Windows,
  • boots OpenVMS or Tru64/Digital UNIX

AlphaVM family of products is currently represented by two products: AlphaVM-Pro and AlphaVM-Basic.

AlphaVM-Pro is a professional Alpha emulator designed for commercial use. It is a full features high-availability Alpha system emulator with full features and maximal performance. For more information please visit the AlphaVM-Pro product page.

AlphaVM-Basic is a hobbyist version, which is inexpensive, but limited in performance and features. The license also allows the commercial usage. For more information please visit the AlphaVM-Basic product page.