AlphaVM-Pro 1.5.68

Fixed the disaster recovery dongle behavior. Now the dongle does not count down when AlphaVM is not actually running.

AlphaVM-Pro 1.5.67

Fixed some path computation bugs in the emuvm-server. Added options for configuring OpenVMS interlocked queue instructions behavior.

AlphaVM-Pro 1.5.64

This build is currently a test build. Changes in this build: Cosmetic changes Fixed the deb package overwriting /etc/emuvm/emuvmsrv.cfg. Added statistic counters for failed locking instructions.

AlphaVM-Pro 1.5.63

Changes: Fixed the networking licensing hangup on the VM power-off. Changed the network parameters for serial-over-network connection on slow network. Fixed the “load certificate failed” problem with emuvm-keylok on Debian 10. Cosmetic changes.