AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.16

Fixed the guest CPU clock dependency on the host system time,  which  can be changed (even set back) by  something like NTP.

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.15

Changes: Fixed zero time conversions Fixed SIMH tape crash on network file access failure. Updated the licensing dongle libraries from the vendor […]

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.14

Fixed a bug with dumping to DUMP_DEV. OpenVMS on AlphaVM always tried to dump at the system disk. Fixed licesing binding to […]

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.12

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.12. 1. Fixed a problem with AMOVRM/AMOVRR instructions in the JIT CPU. 2. Fixed the memory size limitation for AlphaVM-Basic. 3. […]

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.10

AlphaVM-Pro 1.6.10.  The main differences of 1.6 and 1.5: 1. Additional serial lines COM3 and COM4. Currently these can be used with […]