How do I boot from a CD?

It is advised to use an ISO image instead of a real CD.

  • On Windows you can access the real CD by a name like “\.\Cdrom0”.
  • On Linux it is usually /dev/cdrom.

To boot Tru64 or OpenVMS from the CDROM.

  • Add a CDROM to the configuration, set its SCSI BUS, SCSI ID and the file/device name. For the CDROM to appear as DKA400 set SCSI_BUS=0, SCSI_ID=4, SCSI_LUN=0.
  • Run the VM. It will show the SRM console prompt >>>.
  • In that console prompt you can type commands like show dev to see what devices are seen by the VM’s firmware.
  • Determine your CDROM device name and run a boot commands like boot dka400. The system will boot from CD. The device name depends on the selected SCSI BUS and the SCSI ID of the CDROM device.