What is the difference between AlphaVM-Pro and AlphaVM-Basic?

The main differences are as follows.

  • AlphaVM-Basic is designed for hobbyists whereas AlphaVM-Pro is designed for commercial customers.
  • AlphaVM-Pro has an option for annual support & maintenance.
  • We do not assist migrations to AlphaVM-Basic.
  • AlphaVM-Basic has annual license. AlphaVM-Pro has perpetual license.
  • AlphaVM-Basic licensing works by connection to our license server. AlphaVM-Pro supports licensing by USB dongle or by binding to the VMware appliance.
  • AlphaVM-Basic is limited to a single basic CPU. AlphaVM-Pro supports SMP, up to 4 CPUs in AlphaVM 1.x and 32 CPUs in 2.x.
  • AlphaVM-Basic CPU speed is limited. AlphaVM-Pro has much faster CPU. The Pro CPU on most workloads is a factor of 5 to 10 faster.
  • AlphaVM-Basic is limited to 1024MB RAM. AlphaVM-Pro has no limit in the license.
  • AlphaVM-Pro supports the idle loop release. It is able to release the host CPU when the guest OS is idle.
  • AlphaVM-Pro supports SCSI Pass Through, which can be used to access physical tapes, SCSI disks, iSCSI disks and other SCSI devices.
  • AlphaVM-Pro supports physical serial lines.