What about video card support (VGA)?

Currently AlphaVM does not support a graphic controller (VGA). However, most graphic applications using X-Window/DECWindow can be redirected to a remote display. This display can be located on the machine that hosts AlphaVM. One would need to run an X-server on that machine. On Windows we recommend VcXsrv X-server. Linux usually has own X server, […]

How do I redirect display in Tru64?

On Tru64 the default display is defined by the environment variable display. In shell it can be set as in the following example. DISPLAY= export DISPLAY The redirection can be checked by running a simple application like xclock: xlock As the result a clock should appear on the screen 0 at

How do I redirect display on OpenVMS.

On OpenVMS the display can be set as shown by the following example command $ set display /create/node= The graphics can be tested for instance by the following command $ mc decw$clock A remote session can be started manually using $ mc decw$startlogin

How to configure VcXsrv/Xming to work with AlphaVM

It is important to enable the X protocol connection through the firewall. In the firewall settings check that VcXsrv/Xming rule is enabled for private and public use or add own rule to enable TCP ports 6000 and 6001. Below are examples of starting the X servers from the command line cd \Program Files (x86)\Xming Xming […]