Why are AlphaVM services suddenly removed from Windows?

On Windows some anti-virus software is known to remove services that are not known to it or not signed with a certain certificate. Starting from AlphaVM 1.5.71 and 1.6.13 all involved executables are signed with an extended validation certificate. This certificate must improve the situation with the recognition of AlphaVM as a safe product.

Can I run multiple instances of AlphaVM on one machine?

Yes, you can. You have to set separate configurations in separate directories for all your instances.  You have to make sure the following settings of the VMs that will run simultaneously do not conflict (are different) The serial port numbers of the mapped the COM1 and COM2 If the CPU affinities are used, they must […]

Does AlphaVM run on a hyper-visor (like VMware, Hyper-V, ProxMox VE, etc)?

Yes, AlphaVM is supported on several hyper-visors. Supported Hyper-Visors. VMware ESXi 5.5 and later Hyper-V 2012R2 or later ProxMox 4 and later. VirtualBox AlphaVM has also been reported to run on VirtualBox, but we do not support it. Older versions of VirtualBox incorrectly passes the host CPU capability flags. AlphaVM will not run with the […]

Shall I chose Windows or Linux as the host system?

We support all these systems to give you a choice. It does not matter much what you chose, because when you work with the emulated Alpha, it hardly makes a difference what OS is hosting the emulator. We advise to chose the OS you have more confidence with. There is one difference to consider. The […]