How do I redirect display on OpenVMS.

On OpenVMS the display can be set as shown by the following example command $ set display /create/node= The graphics can be tested for instance by the following command $ mc decw$clock A remote session can be started manually using $ mc decw$startlogin

Does AlphaVM emulate OpenVMS?

No, AlphaVM does not emulate OpenVMS. AlphaVM emulates Alpha hardware and can run OpenVMS/Alpha as the guest system. AlphaVM emulates the whole Alpha system with the CPU, memory, chipset, SCSI controllers disks, etc. OpenVMS runs on the AlphaVM virtual machine as on a real Alpha machine. AlphaVM can be used to replace a real Alpha […]

Is OpenVMS supported on AlphaVM?

Yes, AlphaVM is designed to run OpenVMS as the guest system. AlphaVM supportes OpenVMS starting from 6.1 on AlphaVM 2.x and 7.1-2 on AlphaVM 1.x.