Wildfire chipset

Wildfire chipset is used in the AlphaServers GS40, GS80, GS160 and GS320. The distinguishing feature of this chipset is that a system is built from system building blocks connected with a switch. The system building blocks (SBBs) are called QBBs, standing for quad-processor building blocks. The switch is called global switch (GS). There can be up to 8 building blocks. Each building block has CPUs, memory and PCI hoses in it.

Key features:

  • The chipset was introduced in 2000.
  • Systems:
    • AlphaServer GS40, 1 QBB, up to 4 CPUs. Note that this system has just 1QBB and does not need a global switch. Not sure it was commercially released.
    • AlphaServer GS80, 2 QBBs, up to 8 CPUs.
    • AlphaServer GS160, 4 QBBs, up to 16 CPUs.
    • AlphaServer GS320, 8, QBBs, up to 32 CPUs.
  • CPUS, 1- 4 per QBB, EV67. Up to 32CPUs for GS320.
  • RAM: up to 32 per QBB.
  • IO: two PCI hoses per QBB.
  • Supported OpenVMS: 7.2-1H1, 7.2-2, 7.3 or later.
  • Supported Tru64: 4.0G, 5.1, 5.1A or later.

AlphaVM can be used to replace this server.