AlphaServer replacement with AlphaVM-Pro

AlphaVM-Pro is virtual machine software designed to replace real DEC/HP/Compaq AlphaServer systems. The software is can be used to replace a wide range of AlphaServer systems.

For getting started please register at this site. We will contact you using the registration email to further help you.

In order to assess the migration feasibility and complexity we will need some technical information about your Alpha system. Fore the details please check here.

The migration from real system to AlphaVM can be done in several ways. The main approaches are:

  1. Make the disk images of the real system(s) and configure AlphaVM to use them. AlphaVM is configured to mimic the real Alpha system configuration as close as possible. The operating system (OpenVMS or Tru64) may need to be tuned to run on new “hardware”.
  2. Install everything from scratch at AlphaVM-Pro. The guest OS (OpenVMS or Tru64) has to be installed at AlphaVM-Pro. It is done in the same way as at a real AlphaServer. The layered products and the applications software is also installed as usually.

Most systems are migrated by copying the disks and booting the same system in AlphaVM-Pro. Usually we run such migration projects as follows:

  1. The customer provides a host system to run AlphaVM-Pro evaluation. The host system must have enough resources. The system used for the evaluation does not have to be as fast as the intended production system, but the performance consequences of running on a slower system must be taken into account during the evaluation assessment.
  2. The customer provides EmuVM with remote access to this host system.
  3. EmuVM provides instructions and tools to take the disk images of the real Alpha system.
  4. The customer takes the disk images and places them on the host system using the instructions and the tools provided. Please note that EmuVM does not need to access the original system. The original system remains intact, although some downtime might be unavoidable (depending on the system configuration).
  5. EmuVM creates an AlphaVM-Pro instance on the host server:
    1. EmuVM tunes the host system.
    2. EmuVM installs AlphaVM on the host system.
    3. EmuVM provides a temporary 30 days evaluation licenses. EmuVM makes an AlphaVM configuration that reflects the original system. The disk images are used to create disk container files, which are virtual disks used by AlphaVM-Pro.
    4. EmuVM tunes the guest operating system (OpenVMS or Tru64) to run on new virtual “hardware”.
    5. Some additional guest OS configuration can be required: new network addresses etc.
    6. EmuVM performs some tests to see that the OS functions correctly.
  6. EmuVM lets the customer evaluate and test the resulting AlphaVM-Pro system.
  7. The customer evaluates the system. It is up to the customer to test whether the system works for them. EmuVM assists, if there are problems or questions.
  8. Based on the evaluation results the customer decides whether to purchase the system or not.
    • If the system is purchased, the customer pays EmuVM the AlphaVM-Pro license fee and the fee for performing the migration (and optionally for support).
    • If the customer decides not to purchase the system, the fees are not to be paid. With this approach, the customer does not invest much in the project before it is known to work for the customer. We are confident in our product and take the risk as low of that the product is not purchased after we invested time in the migration.

Please contact us, if you have questions or wish to know more about the migration of your specific Alpha systems.

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