AlphaServer GS1280

AlphaServer GS1280 was introduced in 2003 as a part of new line servers ES47/ES80/GS1280 based on new EV7 CPU. These servers are built using new chipset called Marvel.

AlphaServer GS1280 is the top in the line. It is one of the latest and fastest Alpha server produced.

Marvel systems are structured using 2P or 8P blocks, standing for 2-processor or 8-processor blocks. GS1280 is built using 1-8 8P blocks.

Here are the characteristics:

  • The chipset is Marvel.
  • Enclosures: Rack/Cabinet.
  • Model variants:
    • Cabinet Model 8, 1x8P, 8CPUs, 64GB
    • Cabinet Model 16, 2x8P, 16CPUs, 128GB
    • Cabinet Model 32, 4x8P, 32CPUs, 256GB
    • Cabinet Model 64, 8x8P, 64CPUs, 512GB
  • CPUs: 1-64, EV7 1.15GHz or EV7z 1.3GHz.
  • RAM: Up to 512GB.
  • Runs OpenVMS starting from 7.3-1 + update kit or later.
  • Runs Tru64 starting from 5.1B + IPK or later.

AlphaServer GS1280 can be replaced by AlphaVM-Pro. Please note that GS1280 uses one of the fastest produced Alpha CPUs – EV7 or EV7z. Therefore, there are strong requirements to the host system to have adequate virtual Alpha system performance.