Marvel chipset

Marvel is a core logic chipset for EV7 based systems. A systems is build from so called system building blocks (SBBs). It is one of the last Alpha chipsets and the only chipset that supports EV7. EV7 can connect directly to other EV7 chips. Therefore, no central switch is needed (unlike in Wildfire).

The system can consist of up to eight 2P or 8P drawers. 2P drawer contains a single dual-processor module. 8P drawer contains up to 4 dual-processor modules.

Four 2P drawers can be connected to create an 8-processor system. Eight 8P drawers can be connected to create a 64-processor system.

Key features:

  • The chipset was introduced in 2003.
  • Systems:
    • AlphaServer ES47, 1000MHz, 1150Mhz
      • Tower – 1x2P, 2 CPUs, 16GB, 5PCI
      • Cabinet Model 2, 1x2P, 2CPUs, 16GB, 16PCI
      • Cabinet Model 4, 1x2P, 4CPUs, 32GB, 32PCI
    • AlphaServer ES80, 1000MHz, 1150MHz
      • Cabinet Model 2, 1x2P, 2CPUs, 16GB, 16PCI,
      • Cabinet Model 4, 2x2P, 4CPUs, 32GB, 32PCI
      • Cabinet Model 6, 3x2P, 6CPUs, 48GB, 48PCI
      • Cabinet Model 8, 4x2P, 8CPUs, 64GB, 64PCI
    • AlphaServer GS1280, 1150MHz, 1300MHz, originally supported up to 16CPUs, later up to 64 CPUs.
      • Cabinet Model 8, 1x8P, 8CPUs, 32GB, 44PCI
      • Cabinet Model 16, 2x8P, 16CPUs, 64GB, 88PCI
  • CPUs:
    • EV7, 1000MHz,
    • EV7 1150MHz
    • EV7z 1300MHz (GS1280)
  • RAM, up to 8GB per CPU (originally up to 4GB). It is 16GB per 2P block. It makes the maximum 512GB for GS1280.
  • Supported OpenVMS: 7.3-1 + update kit or later.
  • Supported Tru64: 5.1B + IPK or later.