How do I change the CD medium in a virtual CD?

Currently there is no “button” to eject or load virtual CD media. However, you can eject/load the media issuing a command from OpenVMS or Tru64 (see the subsections below). Currently you cannot specify another CD image name on the fly. However, you can put another image in the file with the same name and mount […]

Does AlphaVM support FibreChannel storage?

No, currently AlphaVM does not support FibreChannel. In most cases the FibreChannel disks could be migrated to virtual SCSI disks. On OpenVMS one can usually change the disk logical names to use DKxy instead of DGxy. On Tru64 you can usually just set WWIDs to reflect the original disks IDs.

How do I boot from a CD?

It is advised to use an ISO image instead of a real CD. On Windows you can access the real CD by a name like “\.\Cdrom0”. On Linux it is usually /dev/cdrom. To boot Tru64 or OpenVMS from the CDROM. Add a CDROM to the configuration, set its SCSI BUS, SCSI ID and the file/device […]

How do I create an empty disk container file?

We have a tool that we call Make disk. On Windows the Tools menu container Create disk image. On Linux there is a tool called emuvm-mkdisk. Run it with the -h options to see the help. Note that the tool only creates an empty disk image. Such a disk container file can be connected as a disk to […]