We offer a solution for the virtualization of your DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP systems. The solution is based on our product called AlphaVM. AlphaVM is a virtual machine that emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system including the peripherals, is targeted to replace ageing Alpha systems, runs on a modern computer system with Linux or Windows, […]

Using COM3 and COM4 in Tru64

Usually an Alpha system has one or two serial ports. The first port is often used as a serial console. AlphaVM currently supports only serial console. Thus, there is only one serial port left for other purposes. Often it is desired to have more serial lines. Therefore, since the 1.6 release our implementation supports additional […]


10 years since starting the development of AlphaVM

10 years ago we started the development of AlphaVM. Several month later the first build of AlphaVM was released (AlphaVM-Free 1.0.5). Now AlphaVM is a mature and stable product that has hundreds of installations worldwide. Many of them run in 24/7 mode. For most workloads AlphaVM performance can match any existing Alpha system on modern […]


How to copy disks using the EmuVM MigTool.

The migration tools are designed to assist migrations of an Alpha AXP system to AlphaVM. The tool can be used to make the disk images of the real Alpha system. The disk images can then be used as AlphaVM disk container files (virtual disks).


The new website is launched.

Welcome to the new site. Please . The old site is available at http://old.emuvm.com.


AlphaVM on Hyper-V

This articles shows how to run AlphaVM on Hyper-V. It is recorded on Windows Server 2012 R2.


AlphaVM on VMware

This article explains how to run AlphaVM on VMware. In particular it covers the network configuration on VMware, which can be more involved than on real hardware. This is because VMware network infrastructure may filter out packets sent to and from AlphaVM.


AlphaVM 1.5.62

AlphaVM 1.5.62 build is now available. It provides packages build on and for Debian 10 and FreeBSD 12.

AlphaVM 1.6.9

AlphaVM 1.6.9 build has been published. 1.6 is for now available only for Windows.

AlphaVM 1.5.58

AlphaVM 1.5.68 build is now available. It provides fixes for gcc bootstrap on Linux and for AMASK system identification.